About Mochi Moon

Hi there!

I'm Carolina, though many of my friends affectionately call me Kimi. As a Brazilian immersed in the vibrant landscapes of New Zealand, I find immense joy in living abroad and exploring new horizons with my partner Daniel and my cute dog Bilbo!

The journey into the world of crochet unfolded for me in my late twenties.  While my initial intention was to craft a cozy scarf, the allure of crocheted toys captured my heart when I stumbled upon enchanting pictures.

Delving into the intricacies of crocheting, I discovered a profound love for the craft, with a particular fondness for working with cotton yarn. The tactile allure and versatility of cotton yarn added an extra layer of joy to my newfound passion.With determination and practice, I gradually became more adept with the crochet hook, and now, my thoughts are constantly consumed by ideas for my next project! 

And so my small biz was created, and eventually I decided to name it MOCHI MOON!

I wanted a sweet name that translated the right feel of my work and also a bit of myself as well.  Mochi is a small round Japanese rice cake which I love. It's sweet, cute, comes in different colours, and it's very soft! Just like my amigurumis. 

The moon brings me a sense of calmness and peace, which is genuinely what I feel when I'm crocheting.

For some people, the moon is made out of cheese, but for me it's a big squishy Mochi!


Photo of Carolina holding Bilbo.

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What yarns do you use and why?

My products predominantly feature premium-quality yarn, crafted from 100% cotton sourced from reputable brands like Scheepjes, Lion Brand, and others.

I have a distinct preference for cotton yarn owing to its exceptional durability, robust fibers, and natural sustainability. Also its hypoallergenic properties make it ideal for babies and young children, ensuring both comfort and safety.

Which products are not suitable for children under 3 years of age?

Each of my listings includes information regarding age restrictions. Certain products feature small, hard accessories that could pose a choking hazard for infants. Primarily, these accessories consist of safety eyes made from durable plastic, securely attached to the crochet piece using fabric/craft glue and reinforced with a safety backing to minimize the risk of detachment. While these measures reduce the likelihood of separation, they do not provide a 100% guarantee. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, these products are not recommended for use by babies.

What do you use to fill your amigurumis?

Utilize a high-quality recycled polyester fill and scraps of yarn collected during crochet, ensuring no waste.

Do you have an alternative option for eyes that are not a hazard for babies?

Yes, I do. Some products have their eyes embroidered with cotton yarn or cotton embroidery floss, which is a safe option for babies.

What are the washing and care instructions?

To keep your crochet creation looking fabulous, give it a gentle spot/hand wash with cool water and/or mild soap if desired. Just lay it flat to dry and voila!

If needing more of a wash, place in a garment bag and set to delicate/tumble dry.

*Please note that Mochi Moon will not be responsible for any damage resulting from machine wash/dry.

How do you determine your pricing?

Crochet stands unique among crafts as it cannot be replicated by machines. Crafting each crochet item consumes considerable time, so its pricing is influenced by the investment of my time, expertise, and the quality materials utilised. 

 Do you do Markets?

Yes! Most likely you will find Mochi Moon is a few Christchurch and Canterbury local markets, such as The Garden City Makete, Otautahi Crafters Market and Nurtured Ones. Please follow my Instagram and Facebook page to keep up to date on future markets I will be participating in.

Do you ship worldwide?

Although that is my plan, at the moment I just ship to New Zealand and Australia.